Warranty and Floor care


  • Light Fastness
  • Resistance to staining
  • Abrasion

1. Scope of warranty

The warranty covers flooring free from faults that could affect its appearance and functionality. If any part of purchased floor becomes damaged before expiry of the warranty, BVG is obliged to exchange the faulty part. However, this warranty is governed by the terms laid herein.

2. Conditions of warranty

  • This warranty applies to domestic and moderate commercial areas.
  • This warranty is valid for floors which have been used as intended and according to instructions for care. They should not be subjected to unusual chemical or mechanical stress and/ orinappropriate treatment and / or through improper cleaning and / or exposure to moisture.
  • Damages due to falling objects, flooding with water and exposure to heightened moisture are excluded from this warranty.
  • The floors must have been installed in rooms that are suitable for the product.
  • The floors must be laid as described in our floor-laying guide. You will find a copy of this guide in every second package.
  • Abrasion is understood to be complete removal of the décor layer atleast in one place, which must be clearly visible and must have a surface area size of atleast 1 cm². Rub-off effects restricted to the edge of the panels are not covered by the warranty.
  • This warranty is not transferrable and only the original purchaser is entitled to it.

3. Maintaining BVG laminate floors

In order to avoid spreading dirt and sand, door mats or protective mats should be positioned in front of the entrances to rooms; their width should be equal to that of the door. The floor is to be kept clean by sweeping and dusting – dry or slightly damp cloth. Furniture legs and other places of furniture or equipment pressure on to the floor should be shielded with felt or rubber pads.

4. Placing a complaint

Complaints should be submitted immediately after noticing damage or a warranty case in written form addressed to BVG Industries Ltd. The complaint should be accompanied by a copy of the purchase invoice. The Invoice Copy is required to verify date and proof of purchase to resolve any problems that may occur. Your warranty applies only to you, the original purchaser, for one installation. Removal, re-installation or unauthorized repairs shall void this warranty.

5. Recognizing a claim

In order to verify the claim and the extent, BVG reserves the right to inspect the laminate floor at the installation location.

  • Attach felt pads to the feet of all furniture
  • Lift furniture when moving it rather than pushing or dragging it
  • Use soft furniture castors
  • Mop up any spillages immediately
  • Do not use steam cleaners

What Is Not Covered By This Warranty?

This warranty does not cover damage caused by:

• Improper care and maintenance (see our Care Instructions).

• Accidents, abuse, or misuse.

• Abnormal wear and tear such as damage caused from spike heel shoes, scratches, and insufficient protection from furniture, pebbles, sand and other abrasives.

• Any noise and/or sound issues related to the floor (e.g. squeaking, hollow sound, etc.).

• Water trapped beneath the floor due to improper subflooring or underlayment.

How Do I Get Service?

We want you to be happy with BVG Laminate floor. If you’re not, contact us. We will try to answer all your questions satisfactorily.

A receipt is required in order to verify date and proof-of-purchase to resolve any problems that may occur. Your warranty applies only to you, the original purchaser, for one installation. Removal, reinstallation or unauthorized repairs shall void this warranty.

Care Instructions – for all Laminate Flooring installations routine cleaning

Sweep or vacuum regularly using the wand attachment on your vacuum cleaner.
Clean your laminate floor occasionally using a mop and Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner.
Allow time for the floor to dry after washing.Clean your laminate floor occasionally using a mop and Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner.
Purchase good quality floor care products and floor protectors at your local flooring store.
Immediately wipe up wet areas from spills, muddy feet, and damp paws.
Place a natural or colorfast mat at outside entrances to reduce the amount of dirt and moisture tracked into your home.
Don't use soap-based detergents or "mop and shine" products, as they may leave a dull film on your laminate floor.
Don't use abrasive cleaners, steel wool, or scouring powder, which can scratch your floor.
Don't wax or polish your floor.